What to look for when buying a transformer?


Choosing and buying a transformer is not rocket science. However, remembering a few points, you can choose the correct transformer with the correct characteristics.

  • How many phases are required: The first thing you should do is determine if you need a single phase or three phase transformers. This is generally determined by the most frequently used equipment. For small machines, such as household appliances, the individual phases must be effective, while for industries that operate large machines, the three-phase is mandatory.
  • What voltage: When choosing a transformer, you need to know the input and output voltage, which is the primary and secondary voltage, respectively. This can be determined by the power supply and the voltage of the equipment you are using.
  • What frequency: The frequency of the transformer is usually determined by the power supply. Sometimes the input frequency differs from the desired output frequency. This is generally done using a frequency converter at the transformer output.


Innovative transformer cores reduce losses and emissions.

When the molten metal alloy cools quickly, it has no time to form crystalline structures, which is typical of ordinary metals. The end result is an amorphous solid metal in which the atoms are in dense, randomly packed fluid configurations. This property makes amorphous metals very strong and at the same time extremely flexible.

These metal alloys can take almost any shape.

  • Kva Score: Determines the size and nature of the load. The kVA transformer size is calculated by the voltage of the primary or secondary winding and the information on the current intensity.
  • Transformer purpose. Decide how and for what purpose the transformer will be used.
  • Environment: it is very important to know where the transformer will be used, indoors or outdoors, in a dangerous area or on the high seas, where they all require different specifications. Most transformers used outdoors are filled with liquid to protect the winding from the elements.
  • Required space: Measure the area where the transformer will be installed.
  • Cable Configurations – Transformers can be connected in various configurations to meet almost any requirement. In the case of three-phase transformer windings, three connection ways are possible; star, delta and interconnected star.
  • Miscellaneous – In addition to the above factors, consider power factor, efficiency, endurance, and cooling methods.

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