What should a website for a doctor or diagnostic center not be missing

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The website of a doctor or a diagnostic center must be simple and intuitive and to make it so there are elements that must not be missing within it:

the homepage: it is like a business card, the facade with which the doctor and / or medical facility present themselves to the user;

The reception-opening hours

updates: possible closures, changes of schedules, etc .;

A section for booking visits

A page with contacts: the address, telephone number, a contact form, a Google map, etc., all the useful information to allow the customer to contact or reach the doctor and / or the center electronic signature capture for pharmacies.

A page with the presentation of the team;

an information section to easily disseminate important information relating to new therapies or services offered,

The ability to manage a scientific blog.

In addition to these “fundamental” pages, a platform for newsletters could be added, thus increasing the possibility of interacting with one’s customers.

Options for creating websites for doctors

There are several ways to create a website but the option I recommend is to use a CMS (Content Management System) and specifically WordPress .

Why choose WordPress for medical websites ?

WordPress, like all CMS, has preset templates to choose from and allows you to add various features by installing plug-ins. Furthermore, it is very simple to use and requires no special programming skills.

Expert or autonomy?

Building the site yourself has a lower cost but it is necessary to have special technical skills that make the company difficult, moreover you have to dedicate a lot of time to it. Perhaps you might think that doing it yourself allows you to have full freedom to implement your ideas but this can also be achieved by relying on a professional.

Certainly, relying on a WordPress Specialist for the management of your site may seem a more expensive choice, but on the other hand you will save time and you will get a more performing result both at a technical level and at the level of visibility of the project. A well developed and optimized solid structure is a great start on the web.

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